Christmas Reflection

23rd December 2020

The work of Foodbank is made up of different puzzle pieces, volunteers, trustees, food donations, monetary donations, staff, prayers and words of encouragement.  When one piece is missing no matter how small, the picture isn’t complete.  The volunteers are a huge part of the puzzle, without them in the warehouse and distribution centres we wouldn’t be able to serve the number of people we are serving each week.

We have been amazed at how many donations we received this Christmas time, from a wide range of supporters.  You all play a huge part in the Foodbank picture!

As we approach Christmas and I think of Jesus, a small baby born into a world where he would be judged and not accepted and yet came to bring peace and be a light in the darkness.

Some of those we serve are judged and don’t feel accepted, and yet when they arrive at Foodbank, they are given not only a gift of food but a welcome of acceptance and love.  We hope everyone who has received a food parcel also feels a peace to take the strain of worrying about food from their worries.

In a year of disruption, we have seen new volunteers step up and become part of the family. We have also been able to offer employment as we recruited a Volunteer Co-Ordinator.

It can be easy to look back on the year with questions and uncertainty.  But I can smile with joy as I give thanks for everyone who has stepped up and made the completed puzzle of foodbank a picture of colour and joy.


Lee-Anne southon

Office and Warehouse Co-ordinator

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