‘Riding for the Boro Foodbank’

6th July 2021

‘Riding for the Boro Foodbank’
Alec and Ian completed a bike ride from the North East starting at Newcastle and finishing off in Edinburgh!
They set up a stewardship page for people to donate choosing Middlesbrough Foodbank as their charity for the ride, at present with gift aid the amount raised stands at £2053.43!
They said in the email they sent out to supporters ”In doing so we are taking the opportunity to raise some much-needed cash for the Middlesbrough Foodbank. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what vital and essential job Foodbanks do, but you can read more about the Middlesbrough one here:

Middlesbrough Foodbank | Helping Local People in Crisis

Apart from the occasional ‘bonk’ on the bike when I’ve run out of fuel, I’ve never, ever known hunger for more than an hour or two and I’ve always known where my next meal was coming from. Shamefully and tragically, this is not so for far too many families and individuals, children and adults, across the country. None more so than in Middlesbrough where child poverty stands at an alarming 41%.

Your undoubted generous support will make a real difference for many Middlesbrough families, none of whom should go hungry.’

This money will help make such a difference to people who find themselves in crisis and we will be able to use the money to buy essential foods when stocks are low. Thank you so much Alec and Ian your support is much apprecated

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